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~About CentralReiki~


 The owner has been practicing Reiki Healing since June 2007.  She received a master’s level in Western Reiki in New York. Currently, she has practiced Jikiden Reiki since November 2015. she is a Shihan-Kaku (Assistant teacher level) in Jikiden Reiki. She had provided Reiki as a hospice volunteer around the East Bay Area for over 7years.  

Providing Reiki Healing to hospice patients and their families has given her fundamental confidence in Reiki energy. From these experiences, she believes Reiki Healing is a fundamental energy that benefits everyone: mothers and fathers, teachers, doctors and nurses, different styles of healers, and people who work with animals.

She likes the outdoors and being in nature. She often goes to Mt. Shasta on solo trips or with her family, enjoying hiking, camping, and taking pure energy showers! 
Growing up in a busy city, she misses being surrounded by nature, making her believe life balance is important.
She also likes reading books. Recently she has been reading modern Japanese literature like the Meiji-Showa era. 

Cha-Cha Photo|atsumi

~The Monthly~

The Monthly January 2010  Pg 17.

From "A Touch of Healing" in The Monthly:


"When Atsumi of Berkeley, a Reiki Master at the highest level, performs a healing, her hands transfer glowing radiant warmth to the areas she touches. This is done through clothing, with the client lying on a massage table. ‘I am a pipe,’ Sueishi says, describing how she channels the life-force energy, which ‘collects wherever it is needed.’”


Atsumi came to assist my wife as part of a home hospice team for close to one year. My wife is seriously disabled after living with multiple sclerosis for 66 years. In addition to physical limitations her speech is severely limited. Still she smiles and continues to engage life despite the MD recommendations that placed her under home hospice care. Her condition is now considered stable and she is no longer served by hospice. My wife's resilience is surely aided by friends, family and caregivers. She looks forward to Atsumi's visits and I witnessed the deep level of physical and emotional relaxation. When I was diagnosed with lymphoma and suffering from the distress of chemotherapy, Atsumi arranged to extend her appointments to include time with me. I was surely helped.


I have no doubt that my wife's survival and comfort, and my own, have been helped by Atsumi's work.


Atsumi is modest about her training, gentle in her touch and in her manner and reliable in her appointments. She has my strongest recommendation.

M P, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus, The University of California

Faculty, Saybrook University

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