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Power of Reiki


Reiki Healing helps people of all ages and stages:  infants/babies, children and teens, middle-aged, older adults, and people nearing the end of life. Reiki healing also affects any level of condition and situation such as emotional or physical difficulty, during/after cancer treatment, or any level of needs.


Reiki practice brings you to a deep meditative place at your session, relaxing your mind and body. This relaxation stage vitalizes your self-healing and promotes coping with your difficulty.


Reiki for all the conditions:

Reiki's energy is gentle but powerful, like a mother touching her child to ease pain or discomfort. Thus, Reiki healing can promote a person’s natural healing system through relaxation to create a healing process.


  • Multiple sclerosis

  • Headache

  • Fatigue

  • Emotional distress

  • Anxiety

  • Chronic pain

  • Surgery: before and after


Reiki for new parents and babies:

Gentle hands-on touch helps:

  • Parents/caretakers and babies sleep longer.

  • Soothe crying babies.

  • Fast recovery from illness


Reiki for children and teens:

Like adults, children and teens deal with life stress, fear, anxieties, physical pain, etc...… which untreated could lead to depression, anxiety attacks, difficulty sleeping, irritability, behavioral problems, and more. Children and teens benefit from Reiki healing in many ways:


  • Maintain calmness

  • Focus

  • Develop coping skills

  • Help sleeping problems


Reiki for cancer patients:

Cancer is a leading cause of death in many developed countries. Reiki healing is beneficial for cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and its side effects. Cancer patients benefit from Reiki healing:


  • Reduced pain

  • It helps the ability to sleep.

  • Helps rejuvenate energy

  • Reduced anxiety and emotional stress


Reiki for the end of the life stage:

Reiki healing effects as palliative care. Reiki energy does heal physically and emotionally, and spiritually for each individual. Palliative patients and their families benefit from Reiki:


  • Ease emotions under challenging situations.

  • Help patients’ discomfort physically and emotionally.

  • Reiki healing helps family members to go through this difficult time.





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